About Dilwana

Welcome to Dilwana!

What is Dilwana?

Dilwana is an multi vendor online market place that deals with marketing and advertising of shops or businesses of different variances. We are known for marketing businesses and pulling a large number of clientele to our registered companies.

Dilwana is known for associating and partnering its brand with companies that produce high quality products only.

Dilwana has been operating as a digital marketing website/ entity for the past 2 years and the growth has been tremendous.

Dilwana online shop

We have heard our customer’s pleas of the need for us to help them shop better by introducing the Dilwana online shop. This platform showcases a wide range of products for sale in Botswana. All companies selling any products are inclusive as we aim at making it easier for buyers to access just about anything they desire.


Global impact

We are definitely turning the tables and rewriting the whole narrative when it comes to online trading and digital marketing.


User friendly

The Dilwana website and online shop are less complicated and user friendly. It is easy to navigate and it takes less time when shopping.


Customer confidentiality

Dilwana delights in handling any personal information that clients produce when making a purchase as highly classified and confidential information and will not be used for any other purpose but the intended one.


Furniture is the epitome of an idealhome.it is crucial to select the right furniture for your house. Dilwana online shop provides the perfect furniture for you to furnish your house with. Our suppliers provide both contemporary and vintage furniture to suit the client’s needs. Do not worry yourself if you have doubts on which furniture to use for your home.

Dilwana has a blog category that helps you know which furniture is suitable for your house considering the room size and color schemes. We also have picture illustrations to suggest ways in which you can style your house with our furniture. We have the best furniture to brighten up your space. All colors for you to select from and properly coordinate in your home space. Contrary to popular belief that furniture is best bought directly we can guarantee you that we offer home furniture that is worth your money value. We courier both locally and outside and guarantee that furniture will arrive in the right frame as ordered. Shopping online through Dilwana helps you do it comfortable at the comfort of your home and at your own pace even. You get a chance to even consult family members without worrying to get to the traditionally set furniture shops.