Eco Zera Pencils
My name is Wada Kealotswe, i grew up in Francistown. I graduated from the University of Pretoria with a Bcom Economics and a BA in Development Studies from UNISA degrees. I have vast experience in development economics. A mother of one awesome boy who has been testing my products for 2 years. Last but not least am the founder of a brand called Eco Zera Pencils.
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Art is my life
Being an artist is my passion and a way of life and it is a way of keeping our culture. Molding clay animals in my child hood days, I know that my playground passion would one day be my live hood. I started art in 1994 and I started to attend international work shops in 1996 up to date.
Born in ghanzi in 1973, I run the qore art gallery in thapong visual arts center, dropped out of school while in standard 3 at dkar primary school. I could have been doomed to a life herding livestock and doing odds jobs like most uneducated people.
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