African crafts market


African craft market


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corner of the African heartland. If you want to explore art online, you are in the right place. Our digital marketplace offers an array of benefits, including diversity, efficiency, and transparent pricing. Purchasing art online provides the convenience of browsing through a global selection of artworks.

In the past decade, consumer behavior has shifted significantly, favoring ecommerce over traditional retail. The art world, too, has embraced this change, transitioning to online stores and galleries. Consumers who are in search of better product choices and deals, increasingly turn to the vast variety offered online. If African products piques your interest, you can rely on our status as the finest African Online shopping store in the USA.

African crafts market African crafts market


Lets getting know more about our artists and their art and crafts

Eco Zera Pencils
My name is Wada Kealotswe, i grew up in Francistown. I graduated from the University of Pretoria with a Bcom Economics and a BA in Development Studies from UNISA degrees. I have vast experience in development economics. A mother of one awesome boy who has been testing my products for 2 years. Last but not least am the founder of a brand called Eco Zera Pencils.
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Art is my life
Being an artist is my passion and a way of life and it is a way of keeping our culture. Molding clay animals in my child hood days, I know that my playground passion would one day be my live hood. I started art in 1994 and I started to attend international work shops in 1996 up to date.
Born in ghanzi in 1973, I run the qore art gallery in thapong visual arts center, dropped out of school while in standard 3 at dkar primary school. I could have been doomed to a life herding livestock and doing odds jobs like most uneducated people.
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Lets learn about African handmade crafts

Soapstone: Sculpting Nature's Beauty into Art

Soapstone, a metamorphic rock renowned for its softness and malleability, has captured the imagination of artists and craftsmen for centuries. This article delves into the world of soapstone, exploring its qualities, historical significance, and the stunning creations it has inspired.

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Dadashi School

An exceptional school for exceptional children

Dadashi Special Children Center started almost 12 years back. It is a community based organization registered  under the governments' ministry of Education and Kenya Institute of Special Education. It deals with children from few months old babies to 18 years of age. After which, we introduce them to the exit program depending on their different capabilities.
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