Warranty Policy

A clear explanation of our warranty policy is depicted below.

For further information contact us on info@dilwana.com


If any damages or defaults are found on the products received, then Dilwana offers a 7 day one to exchange or cash back. The damaged product will then be replaced with a new product of the same model.


All products that are sold through Dilwana platform will be serviced entirely by the manufacturers. This will be done according to the terms and conditions that are stipulated on the packaging of the products.

Dilwana will make it known on cases that the warranty period on the product is determined by Dilwana only.

Order cancellation

The route to follow when desiring to cancel an order is stated below:

It is possible to cancel an order for specified items within a duration of 2 hours after it has been placed and confirmed. Bear in mind that as soon as the order has been shipped then you will be unable to cancel your order and no refund will be processed if at all you decide to return the product to Dilwana.

In a situation where one decides to cancel their order within the 24 hours stated then a standard charge of 25% will be deducted. This charge will then be used to pay administrative fees and all fees that are charged by the credit card company. After all deductions are made then the remaining balance will then be refunded to you.