Rules and guidelines for retail entities/companies or suppliers

Rules and guidelines for retail entities/companies or suppliers


  1. A registered business name and full contact details are required.
  1. A full description of the products, goods and or services you provide is required.
  1. A clearly stipulated payment method for clients is to be indicated.
  1. Delivery cost and turnaround time for delivery.
  1. The definite price for goods and services inclusive of VAT.
  1. Notify the client of the procedure to follow when placing an order.
  1. Produce a receipt of order approval after a successful order process. This should evidently include the description of products ordered, the price inclusive of tax charges and delivery charges if any! The supplier is requested to send a confirmation via email and also include the procedure clients are to follow if they want to cancel an order.
  1. Terms and conditions from suppliers should be clearly stipulated and should allow clients to easily reproduce them for personal use.
  1. Client data should be held as private and confidential. You are required to state how the client’s data will be used.
  2. State the number of days the client can return products if at all it is returnable. Be clear of the return terms and conditions. If at all your policy does not allow a return or exchange of products kindly note it for your clients to know.
  1. Provide valid information to Dilwana and clients at all times, notify promptly if any changes occur.
  1. Do not in any way solicit illegal or inappropriate communication through the Dilwana online shop platform.

Rules and guidelines for clients


  1. Provide the stipulated payment for the products ordered.
  1. Adhere to the return or exchange laws (if any).
  1. Provide required information that helps in securing a successful order.
  1. Be sure to select the right payment method to ensure successful order.


Rules about imported products

Dilwana shop also sells imported products from all over the world.

Terms and conditions apply

For this particular service no refunds will be accepted

It is the obligation of the client to ensure that custom fees are settled upon arrival of the products

Note also that the delivery time expected is within a time frame of 1 week to 3 weeks. This will be dependent on the distance