You will find all answers to questions that you may have in relation to Dilwana online shop.

  1. What information should I provide when ordering

You will be guided as to which information is needed from you.it is also advisable that you provide the VAT number as it will also help in hastening your delivery

2.what should I do if payment is not accepted?

 You may retry and if it keeps failing you will then need to review your account balance. If all is fine but still rejects payment, then it is advisable that you contact your bank service provider.

3.what are the delivery charges?

The delivery charges depend on the shipment. If your order has special requirements, then an extra fee will be added to the initial shipment charges.

4.what are the terms and conditions?

You may review our terms and conditions policy here.

5.can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may. Kindly peruse through our order cancellation policy here.

6.do you accept debit cards?

Debit cards are accepted only if the card contains a visa and master card logo

7.Is it possible to get a refund or exchange?

It is possible but certain procedures and requirements are needed. Kindly look through our refund /exchange policy here.

  1. Are the products on the website original?

We strive for excellence and providing good quality products is what we aim to do. All products are original unless stated otherwise by the supplier.

9.Are all items eligible for free shipping?

Only certain products are actually eligible for free shipping. A clear indication is made for products that qualify for free shipping.

10.When is the estimated shipping arrival time?

The arrival time of goods depends on the shipping method selected.

The normal estimated arrival time is between 3-40 days. For orders outside Botswana the arrival time is between 1-40 working days.

11.Where do I check my account updates?

For you to view your account activities go to https://dilwana.com/account/login

  1. Which address will the package be delivered to?

The package will be delivered to the specified address given by the client. A notification or alert message will be sent upon delivery.

13.What are the shipping agents available?

There are several couriers and shipping companies you may choose from. These include DHL, Sprint couriers, Aramax, FedEx.

14.What should I do if the tracking number does not work?

It is normal for the courier company to take 2 days to update the tracking number into the tracking system. If more than 2 days elapses and you are still unable to track your product kindly contact us on dilwanaonline@gmail.com

15.What happens if I receive damaged products

In an occurrence of you receiving damaged products, do notify us immediately within 24 hours after the delivery. Dilwana shall not attend to complaints lodged after 24 hours.

16.What happens if the couriering company cannot find my packaging?

Dilwana will need a few days to investigate and get to the bottom of the matter. We will then contact the courier company and all relevant entities just to ensure that the package is missing. If the package is missing, then Dilwana will proceed with the loss claim. The amount of money compensated by the courier company will equate to the amount we compensate you.

17.Blog Section
19. Product return rules

The return time of a product is 1 week after purchase. It is therefore important to contact support within a duration of 72 hours.

The first step is to apply for a return request after which the client will need to return the product only after receiving a go ahead confirmation.

Take into consideration that the cost of return is entirely the responsibility of the customer.

20. Imported Products Rules

Dilwana shop also sells imported products from all over the world.

Terms and conditions apply

For this particular service no refunds will be accepted

It is the obligation of the client to ensure that custom fees are settled upon arrival of the products

Note also that the delivery time expected is within a time frame of 1 week to 3 weeks. This will be dependent on the distance