Dadashi Special Children Center

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Dadashi Special Children Center started almost 12 years back. It is a community based organization registered  under the governments' ministry of Education and Kenya Institute of Special Education. It deals with children from few months old babies to 18 years of age. After which, we introduce them to the exit program depending on their different capabilities.

Since we started the institution  has serviced over 50 children and currently has 25 children.  Of these over 50, we have integrated 15 into regular special schools. And 10 into the exit program. The institution has continued to run under the great support and assistance of Individual well wishers who have fervently helped with not only rent payment, but also nutritional feeding of the children and marketing the crafts that the parents make.

Dadashi deals with children with multiple cases of disability including down syndrome, celebral palsy, hydrocephalus and Deaf children. It caters for children from the slums of Korokocho, Mathare, Babadogo, Kariobangi and huruma area of Kenya.

Counseling services- counseling services started as a result of the stigma present in society as a result of having such a child who are viewed as bad omen. Most of the parents of Special needs children are single mothers who are abandoned by their husbands for giving birth to special needs children hence some of these parents to go into depression. With the counseling services they start viewing their children in a different light. This has really helped with the confidence of both the parent and child as well.

Nutrion- recently we started a nutrition program because with these children coming from the slums they are faced with the problem of malnutrition. We give nutrition advice and also give food that helps both the parents and children.

 This is the school that work with handicap children while mothers bring the children for physio Thrapy they do bead work and make Jewerly with paper and by sealing them they get bus fair and a little pocket money for food.


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