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Article 6 - Impacts of covid 19 and proposed solutions for the build and construction industry

Written by: Tumo Prince Marumo Corona virus attacked the world towards the end of 2019. It is popularly known as “covid 19” this virus was first detected in the Chinese people and spread all over the world. The major reason covid 19 spread quickly around the world was due to movement of people around the world. Some were trying to return back to their native countries while some were on duty and others were tourists. The pandemic led to countries having to think of measures to curb the diseases so as to avoid and or reduce its impacts on the people and economy. All the industries were affected, and here we are going to discuss the impacts felt by the construction...

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Article 5 -The impact of Covid-19 and proposed solutions for the Built and Construction Industry

Written By: Tsholofelo Taboka Tabona The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has been felt across the whole industry, from the biggest principle contractors to the smallest. When lockdown first came in, many construction businesses were faced with unexpected shutdowns, temporary and permanent, and one would imagine the adverse impact this had on their finances.

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Article 3 - The Impact Of Covid -19 And Proposed Solutions For The Built And Construction Industry

Written By Lone Mojalemotho Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus (World Health Organisation, 2020). This disease has spread out through the world and was eventually declared a pandemic. Thanks to this pandemic, many of the local industries were negatively affected. This article aims to bring to light, these negative impacts on the construction industry and bring forth relevant solutions.

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