Sacred Venda Drum - Authentic African Percussion Instrument
Sacred Venda Drum - Authentic African Percussion Instrument
Sacred Venda Drum - Authentic African Percussion Instrument
Sacred Venda Drum - Front View
Sacred Venda Drum - Up View
Traditional African Drum - Venda Cultural Heritage
Traditional African Drum - Venda Cultural Heritage
Authentic African Percussion Instrument - Venda Dru
Handcrafted Venda Drum with Intricate Carvings
Resonant Animal Skin Drum - Venda Percussion Instrument

Discover the Enchanting Beats of the Sacred Venda Drum

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Height: 50cm Height: 112cm
Head Size: 30cm Head Size: 50cm
Weight: 3.5kg Weight: 18kg

Traditional Drum Of The Venda People Of Limpopo Province.

This vintage African tribal folk craft drum made of wood and leather. South Africa


The story of the sacred Venda drum

Long, long ago, the ancestor god called Mwari gave the Venda people a sacred drum called the Ngoma Lungundu. In these ancient days, the ancestors of the Venda lived in Zimbabwe. One day, they received a divine message that they should pick up their sacred drum, the Ngoma Lungundu, and move south. This magic drum was large and heavy and had to be carried by many men. In order to preserve the power of the drum, it could never touch the ground. When struck by the chief it could cause fog, hail, rain, thunder or lightening. At times, the great god Mwari would play the drum himself. At these times the drum would appear to be playing itself. Enemies fled in terror, fainted or died when they heard its powerful rhythms. These powers helped to protect the ancestors of the Venda people during this journey and eventually they arrived where they live today in the northern parts of South Africa. Here, there is a lake called Fundudzi that is sacred to the Venda people. Many years ago, a great hero of the Venda people, called Thoyo ya Ndou, disappeared into this lake, taking with him the magical drum. Most people think that it has never been seen since, but some believe it lies guarded and hidden in a cave. Thoyo ya Ndou, or Head of the Elephant, was greatly admired because he united the Venda people and there was peace and prosperity. Ever since he disappeared, many say there has been disagreement and strife between the royal Venda families.

Unleash the captivating rhythms of the Sacred Venda Drum, an extraordinary musical instrument that will transport you to the heart of African traditions. Immerse yourself in its soul-stirring melodies and experience the rich cultural heritage of the Venda people. Crafted with meticulous artistry and authentic materials, this drum resonates with power and beauty, making it a prized possession for music enthusiasts and collectors alike.

With its intricate carvings and vibrant colors, the Sacred Venda Drum is a true masterpiece, showcasing the craftsmanship and artistic finesse of Venda artisans. The drumhead is made from high-quality animal skin, producing a distinct and resonant tone that reverberates through the air. Whether you're a professional musician, a percussion enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates world music, this drum will captivate your senses and elevate your musical journey.


Material: Authentic animal skin drumhead, handcrafted wood body

Origin: Venda, South Africa

Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a soft cloth, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is the Sacred Venda Drum suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! The Sacred Venda Drum is perfect for beginners and experienced drummers alike. Its versatility and easy-to-play design make it accessible to everyone.


Q: Can I use the drum for performances and recordings?

A: Certainly! The Sacred Venda Drum is an excellent choice for performances, recordings, jam sessions, and cultural events. Its authentic sound and unique aesthetics will enhance any musical setting.


Q: How do I tune the drum?

A: Tuning the Sacred Venda Drum is a simple process. Gently tap the drumhead while adjusting the tension rods until you achieve the desired pitch.


Q: What is the significance of the drum in Venda culture?

A: The drum holds deep cultural significance in Venda traditions. It is used for various ceremonial purposes, storytelling, and communal gatherings, serving as a rhythmic thread that connects people and spirits.



  • World Music
  • Percussion Instruments
  • Cultural Music



  • African Heritage
  • Traditional Rhythms
  • Artistic Expression



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Venda drum

rhythmic and melodious sounds.


This drums has a soft and loud sound I really enjoy playing