African Women Artists

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Traditionally, women dominate the art of pottery creation and basket weaving in Africa, with a keen eye for detail, and a finer touch to bring sculptures to life. Up until recent years, it was assumed that on the other side of the spectrum, men were contributed to creating the highly celebrated pieces of ceramic art. It wasn’t until recent studies that the true value of African women’s role in the production (and important influence) of these pieces truly revealed itself.

African women are steadily being recognized both globally and within their communities as both the designers and creators of pottery, baskets, garments, textiles, and beadwork! For instance, the “ndoli jowei” masks that represent the epitome of female beauty that is used as the crowning piece in a girl’s initiation in the Sande society, is the sole handiwork of women in the society.

At Dilwana, we both celebrate and encourage the work produced by female African artists and the profound influence they have on their societies!


African Women Artist (Artisan)


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