Akua'ba Wooden dolls

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Richard is from Malawi, he and his four children live in Botswana. He and his whole family do woodwork. They sculpt and make dolls and masks، animals with the wood. The whole family is really an artist.

Akua'ba Wooden Dolls - Dilwana - African craft online shop

Akua'ba (sometimes spelled Akwaba or Akuba) are wooden ritual fertility dolls from Southern Ghana and nearby areas. The best known akua’ba  are those of the Fanti people, “Fanti Dolls” whose akua'ba have large, disc-like heads. Other tribes in the West Africa region have their own distinctive style of akua'ba.

Akua'ba Wooden Dolls - Dilwana - African craft online shop

Traditionally, these dolls are carried on the back of young women either hoping to conceive a child, or to ensure the attractiveness of the child being carried. When not in active use, the akua'ba would be ritually washed and cared for in the traditional homestead.

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