Art is my life
Being an artist is my passion and a way of life and it is a way of keeping our culture. Molding clay animals in my child hood days, I know that my playground passion would one day be my live hood. I started art in 1994 and I started to attend international work shops in 1996 up to date.
Born in ghanzi in 1973, I run the qore art gallery in thapong visual arts center, dropped out of school while in standard 3 at dkar primary school. I could have been doomed to a life herding livestock and doing odds jobs like most uneducated people.
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Akua'ba Wooden dolls
Akua'ba (sometimes spelled Akwaba or Akuba) are wooden ritual fertility dolls from Southern Ghana and nearby areas. The best known akua’ba  are those of the Fanti people, “Fanti Dolls” whose akua'ba have large, disc-like heads. Other tribes in the West Africa region have their own distinctive style of akua'ba.
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African Beadwork
Takunda Bead Artist is a brain child of talented individuals who identified an opportunity to set up a business project that has its origin from childhood to fulfil a dream of showcasing the wonderful and powerful aspects of art to the world and also to empower the young generation with practical lifelong skills through Art and Craft training.
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