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Takunda Bead Artist is a brain child of talented individuals who identified an opportunity to set up a business project that has its origin from childhood to fulfil a dream of showcasing the wonderful and powerful aspects of art to the world and also to empower the young generation with practical lifelong skills through Art and Craft training.

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Takunda Bead artist  is a huge platform for the showcase of the expressions of all inspirational forms of Art and Craft. Whilst we have a heavy footprint in the profound and beautiful works of beads- made Artifacts, we are also home to a number of other different forms of Artworks

We believe in the application and physical expression of talent and creativity found in our human cultures and societies. We aspire to inspire the world through talent, skills and imaginations in order to produce objects and experiences that in turn will create an enveloping aesthetic or sensory experience in the world at large.

Our belief is in extracting, develop and nature the various artistic talents that are vast and imbedded in the people of our communities. We believe that Art is a universal language of humankind and that it its social inspiration is immeasurable.

Takunda Bead Artist company has been operating on a small scale and part time basis. Our dream is to develop it into a full-time major player in the Arts and craft business. The uptake of the products that we have been producing on part-time operations have always been overrun by demand. We are very excited by that.

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As a company, we are moving to setting up, through some initiatives a more structured enterprise with a credo of excellence in every product that we make. Coupled with great hands-on personalized service in every situation, we have managed to create a very unique business environment and experience for our clients.

We are personally involved with our products and are always available for onsite personal needs whenever the needs arise. We also have in-house and external training programs to ensure that we are constantly enhancing ourselves as a company to insure that we give the best possible products and services to our clients.

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We aim to change the outlook of world when it comes to Art and Craft products and services in all spheres pertaining to the Art and Craft industry. We are proud to assure all our clients a service of Art and Craft products far above their expectations.

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