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Dilwana has made it possible for products with different discounts to be placed in special and separate categories.

An example would be that if a product has a 20% discount then it will be possible for the seller to post the product on the 20% discount page.

Below is a carefully explained procedure to follow:

  1. You will need to firstly apply the percentage of discount that you are considering on the price e.g. if you have a product priced at p230 and you are considering a 25% discount on it, you will then enter the discounted price on the price field which is p172.50
  2. Enter the initial price which is p230 on the compare price field.
  3. The third step is to move the product to the 25% discounted product collection

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You should also select the required collections of the product. If your product has a discount in the range of ballast collections, choose one.

An example would be if your product has a 25% addition to the product collection you desire, you should then choose the products with 20% to 30% discount collection.


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