Stage 1: A step by step guide to Registering as a seller

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A step by step guide to Registering as a seller

For you to begin selling your products in Dilwana online store there are a few compulsory steps to follow.

The first step to being a part of Dilwana is is needful that you first register as a seller. You will then need to await confirmation from Dilwana. After permission is granted, you will then need to go through a couple of steps to ensure that your product is ready for sale on the is not a complex procedure hence the step by step guide will help you navigate your way through the process.




  1. Create an account


 create account - dilwana


  1. You will then receive the email below once your registration is approved.


confirm mail - dilwana 


  1. The next time you desire to upload anything on your profile you will then be required to log in. You use the same credentials you used when signing up the first time.


 seller login - dilwana



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