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General rules and tips for posing products on Dilwana website

This article only outlines the most relevant tips and rules of inserting images and product information. These pointers will be so useful and helpful in ensuring that you do not just upload any information but actually upload the relevant information that is approved by Dilwana.

Non original mark

The non-original mark should be used only when the product being sold has not been produced by the initial brand. This should be noted for the knowledge of buyers.

If at all there is no brand affiliated with the product, then the non-original brand should not be used. The product will then be listed on a different brand.

If the product is not original and has non genuine features, then no brand should be mentioned in the product tittle.

Products pictures

There are certain groups where pricing is done based on color .in such groups there is no need to enter the product on several occasions. Enter the product specifications just once and then upload the different color images in the album. You may then enter different pricing when pricing for a different color.

It is recommended that the original photo should have completely white background. Note that there should be no other product designs in the album images.

Both the original image and the album images should not conflict.

No water marks or logos should be found in the images.

Product category

For you to select the right category that is actually relevant to your product you will need to review and compare it with similar samples on the site.

Desist from selecting the wrong category by all means possible.

Description of goods

It is advisable to avoid using the store name, price, warranty and brand name that has no relation to the product displayed on the product description.

Go through the text written on the description section a couple of times. This will ensure that there are no errors when it comes to certain things like spellings.

Specifications and features of the product

Do not mention the name of the store, the price of the product and the warranty on the technical specifications of the product.

When making records for dimensions as decimal numbers do not use the “/” symbol. The right sign to use is “.” For example 2.4 liters.

You also need to read to read to read the text of the features several times in order to avoid mistakes.

Immediately after recording the dimensions and the weight of the product you need to ensure that it matches with the unit of measurement.

If your product has multi digits then the number registered in the other specifications section and the number registered in the tittle must be the same

Strengths and weaknesses

You are to use short, verb less phrases when describing strengths and weaknesses. These include words like light, weight, metal, long battery life.

Do not use the following signs dot, hyphen before and after a sentence.

It is advisable not to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the type of warranty and the price of the product.

Strengths and weaknesses should in no way be a matter of example would be “beautiful design” this simply shows the strength of the product.

Record the strengths and weaknesses of superior features or technologies of similar products.

Product type

Select the right type for your product and avoid choosing types that are not related to the product.

Commodity model

Do not mention the name of your store and the name of the panel in the product model.

Note that attribute, nature, color should not be written as a model.

Commodity brand: in terms of spelling and writing ensure that the brand selected is the exact brand of the product you will be selling.

The brand should not be used as a label on the product. However, if the brand is registered and does not have a problem with the market custom and type of brand presentation then the brand is acceptable.


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