Blinds and Curtains

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Curtains bring a sense of privacy and decency in a home. A house is bound to look so incomplete in the absence of a curtain or is quite funny though how such an important decor factor is often over looked. The design, color and length of a curtain can definitely set up the right decor tone for your house. You can also use your curtain choice to bring together other aspects of your house décor. Choosing the right curtain gives your house a magical finishing touch.

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Does length matter?

If you have been wondering whether the length of a curtain matters, then wonder no more because yes! It does matter. Length has a way of determining the visual aspect of how big the room actually major tip you may follow when trying to make your room seemingly bigger is by strategically placing the rod above the windows and then placing the hem of the curtain end at the window sill. This is because of the simple fact that when you place your curtain closer to the ceiling the room will seemingly look taller and a bit more spacious.

Now it is crucial for you to know firsthand how you want your home to look like at the end of the day. If you want a more formal look the it is best to consider using curtains that go all the way down to the floor. If you want to opt for the more dramatic look of feel you may try dramatic floor to ceiling curtains. However, this is more recommended for rooms that already have high ceilings. If you have a shorter ceiling, then it is more advisable to go for the traditional curtains.


The right fabric

Every curtain has a role or significance. If you are looking for a dark bedroom for sleeping, then it is advisable to have a thicker fabric that basically covers the whole window. But if you are the type that loves waking up to a room filled with sun rays then you may want to invest in curtains with a lighter fabric that will actually allow more light through. The major purpose of curtains is to keep your privacy and also to filter or allow enough is therefore essential to reach a decision as to whether you need more or less light in your room. Fabrics are crucial in achieving the desired look.

For rooms that are privacy oriented it is recommended that one uses heavier fabrics like canvas and muslin. This mostly applies to the bedrooms. However, for rooms that need lighting it is best to opt for lighter fabrics like nylon and satin. Light exposed to a room directly affects how spacious a room feels and looks. The lighter the fabric is, the more the light the light exposed and the larger the room also feels. Heavier fabrics can create a cozier feeling room.



Like in any décor aspect, curtains also need careful color assessment. You may have to decide whether you need a color that pops or a dim color that blends in to the is also crucial to also look into our room décor and the color palette you have selected. If you decide to go for a color that pops you may select a dominant color from your accent aspect to also consider is that bright colors tend to be affected by sunlight and fade away more quickly, which is why it is advisable to include a curtain liner in between your window and your curtain. This will serve as a preventative measure for your curtain not to be affected by too much sun rays that may end up leading it to fade.

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Matching curtains

Often times people wonder if their living room curtains should match with their sofa or even their should not necessarily be the case, though most people prefer it that way. You may decide to select a different color that may add more visual interest to the room.

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The right curtain for the right room

Different rooms require different curtains. You cannot use

 a curtain suitable for the living room at the kitchen. You see? Which is why it is important to know which curtain belongs to which room in the house.


Curtain rods

Curtain rods are the ultimate finish to a proper installed Is therefore equally important to buy the right curtain rods for your curtains to have a proper installation. The wrong rods can make a presentation look tedious and unpleasing to the is advisable that one choose the right rod size for the window and to place them not too low or too high but rightly so. Curtains should be mounted 4 to 6 inches above a typical window frame.

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Curtain accessories

You can make your curtains look more beautiful by accessorizing them with amazing curtain hardware like rings, clips, holdbacks and even tie backs. These tiny accessories can literally make your curtain become a jaw dropper.


Blinds or curtains

Some people would rather have blinds rather than opting for curtains. There is also a variety of blinds one can basically select from. These range from venetian blinds all the way to Roman blinds. The reason some people choose blinds is simply because blinds can easily filter how much light comes in to a room. You can effortlessly adjust them to a level of your desire. Blinds are also good as they promote proper aeration. They are also extremely easy to maintain and do not need any special takes water and a microfiber cloth to clean your blind perfectly. The advantage with blinds is that they are less expensive. They also require less installation time as compared to curtains.

Blinds are generally more resistant to discoloration and staining so even when exposed to too much sun light you are assured that they will still last longer.

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It is possible to use both blinds and curtains at the same time. You can install both in the same room for added advantage.

It is easy to create magic in your house with the right blinds and curtains. Take care full consideration when choosing them.


Written by :Boitshepo Cathy Mack


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