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Having a bed is a necessity especially when one wants to achieve a good attractive bedroom space. Good bedding adds more flavor to a is essential that one introspects about what their style is all about before choosing their bedding.


Color scheme

If you choose bedding with solid color you are sure to get an elegant and trendy style. Solid colors have a way of creating a relaxed atmosphere which is ideal for one at the end of the is advisable to select a solid color then highlight it with a layer of lighter or even darker shades of the same color. the highlight creates a much welcoming look and reduces the dullness of the solid color.

You may also select patterned bedding. This kind of bedding gives you the liberty to use many colors on small doses in a nice way without overwhelming each other. patterns may also include floral may also use colors found on the bedding to decorate other parts of the room. A tip when using patterned bedding would be to also add a solid color in to the bedding just to tone it down as they can go a bit overboard for some peoples liking. Adding a solid color also helps you change a few highlights in your bedding without having to replace the entire set which can be exhausting.


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Fabric choice

Fabric is quite important when choosing the right is apparent that choosing the correct fabric will most definitely add to the final outlook of our can also compliment your type of bedroom décor may choose to have fabric that has a bit of sheen. Now this type of fabric is usually used in brightening a dark may equally choose to use a matte fabric or alternatively use a cotton fabric. Majority of bedding falls under silk, linen and cotton. Which is good because this type of fabric is quite breathable, meaning it allows proper aeration.



To match or not

Whilst some may be intrigued by a matching bedding set, others may find it not so appealing. Getting bedding that has matching elements is usually the type of bedding that most individuals escape to because it is quite easy to use. If you are not the type that likes matching bedding you may customize this bedding by creating your own bedding ensemble. The greatest tip would be using one or two unifying this case you could use a sheet with a solid color and use a striped duvet that has portions of the sheet color.


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There are different types of pillows. there are throws, these are basically used for decoration and are often times used as finishing touches. They give a sense of style and you can change them anytime or even get different cases for them.

You may decide to spice your bedding with scatter cushions of different looks for example you may use stripped cushions with solid colors to spice up your bedding. you may choose two larger scatter cushions with solid colors. then select a few smaller cushions that have different colors or patterns. Arrange your cushions beginning with the larger ones at the back followed by smaller ones. Also bare in mind that the patterns and colors have a good coordination.

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Parts of bedding


It is crucial to also have proper sheets in your bed. There are different types of fabrics different colors and off course sizes to even select it is not rocket science to look for sheets that actually fit and are of your ideal taste.


Fitted sheets

This type of sheet usually has an elastic band around the normally goes on top of the mattress protector. The elastic band around the edges basically acts as a means of preventing the sheet from peeling off the bed. If fitted properly on all corners, it does not come off.


Duvet covers and comforters

These are some sort of blankets. A duvet is usually soft and is commonly filled with feathers, cotton, silk or even wool. A comforter is on the other hand thicker, quilted and more is also important to consider your taste and desired color before choosing your ideal duvet and comforter. The comforters are normally made to match with other bed linen that is bed sheets and pillow cases. This is however the decision of an individual. If one does not want to match they could alternatively use different colors that coordinate with each other.


Pillow cases

Pillow cases serve as a protective means for your prevents them from wearing off and the possible tearing off too. Most people prefer that their pillow cases would match their fitted and flat sheets. Others however personalize things by choosing different colors and patterns.


Bed spread

It is usually used for decoration, however for people in cold climates they may use them as a source of extra warmth. They are designed in such a way that they do not extend far beyond the corners of your bed.


Throw blanket

A throw blanket Is one of the greatest finishing touches for your bed makeup. A nicely folded throw blanket gives your bed a classy designer look. A throw blanket should have a bold color and should coordinate with colors on the throw pillows.

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Consider the weave of the sheet

You will notice the quality of a bed set mainly by its weave. High quality sets have a tighter weave. Even though tighter weaves show high quality they are a bit difficult to clean.


Personalize bedding

For kids bedding ensure that you select bedding that shows off their personal taste. You may also want to select colors that have a youthful vibe to them. You could also consider choosing bedding that display characters. For boys you may opt for solid colors like grey and something with stripes.

For your guest bedroom you could use solid colored bedding. Use neutral colors this usually caters for everyone.


Written by : Boitshepo Catherine Mack


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