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Mr. Lalan K Choudhary founder and owner of RPR Furniture opens up about his journey in the décor world, his love for manufacturing furniture and home building and what goes on during the process of production. He was born in India. His humble beginnings started in a small village in Bihar, but he built his path to Botswana through his hard work, passion and high school accreditation. He always dreamt of starting a business that would help people which led him into manufacturing furniture. Based on his humble beginnings, with limited furniture due to lack of funds, he decided to prioritize his retail for the low and middle classes of society. He believes in allowing them the same level of comfort as of the high class members of society. He has been involved in the business for approximately 10 years and has since been trying to grow from it for his sake and that of the public.


Mr. Choudhury

Tag along as we unfold Mr. Choudhury’s beautiful journey in the décor world.


1.What led to the opening of your store?

I saw the need to occupy the market as I was not happy with the kind of quality that we got from south Africa. Often got complaints from customers on the durability and quality of beds. Out of the 300 we usually used to order, approximately 40 beds came back due to deformities found in them.


2.How many shop branches do you have in Botswana?

We have three branches in Botswana which include Mahalapye, Gaborone and we recently opened our new branch in Palapye. We have really grown as we first began selling fabric only in our Mahalapye store and our decision to now venture into furniture shows tremendous growth.


3.What makes your furniture stand out from other furniture brands?  

  The quality of furniture we produce is high yet very affordable. We provide budget beds. Beds that cater for the market in Botswana. We also use good material to come up with good comfortable beds and sofas. The durability of our beds is also quite commendable as the issue of springs showing on the mattress after some time is not our portion


4.Where is your store located?

Broad Hurst just behind car world


5.How do you select the right material for your furniture?

I normally buy good quality material from South Africa.it is important to buy the right material to get the best products in the end. Most material can only be found in South Africa. To avoid the issue of springs showing on our matrasses we use 11 * 24 size springs. Our past experiences have also dictated our choice in material. I also purchase some of my fabrics from Fabrics paradise a local shop that sells a wide range of amazing material.

Despite our low prices we still emphasize on the quality we produce.


6.Is furniture making your passion?

It most definitely is. I delight in making people happy so when I produce good quality furniture it makes my clients happy and so it also gives me great joy. My mandate is to cater for all societal classes more especially the underprivileged and the middle class. Seeing them being able to afford good quality furniture also makes me delighted.


7.How much does your cheapest bed cost?

Our cheapest 3 quarter is p599.00, double bed goes for p699.00


8.What new developments are you looking into this year?

We are looking into designing Queen beds this year also at affordable prices of course. We are also    looking into venturing into upholstery and also introducing bedding manufacturing and curtains.


9.What is the best wood to use?

 We normally use pine timber. It is quite strong and makes good quality furniture.


10.Do you give free consultancy to clients on the kind of furniture that would suit their house?

Yes, we give free consultancy on the type of furniture suitable for different room sizes and also give advice on color coordination based on the client’s preference and based on the wall color of the house also.

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Amritesh Kumar

I have visited his store and it’s really a latest classic quality of sofas and beds are available with RPR store we recommend this store for others they will really get worthy items including fabrics..

Thanks Dilwana team for sharing his ideas and openion ..thanks a lot..

July 3, 2022 at 17:56pm

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