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The Minimalist BW is a craft & art store mostly known for its luxurious & durable home deco baskets. The baskets are multipurpose meaning they can be used differently for many things for example storing clean clothes, toys, laundry, makeup, jewellery or any other clutter laying idly around the house. Their main purpose is to help keep the house neat and tidy. The company started operating in May 2020 immediately after Botswana’s first national lockdown. It’s birth was due to struggle. The founder established the need for baskets as she lived in an unfitted room but could not afford to buy furniture let alone the one which suited her taste of style. Thus, she innovated an idea of creating colourful baskets which complemented the tints of her room (walls and curtains) to store clothes and blankets. The Minimalist BW is mostly focused on recycling as a way of saving the planet through minimal use of non renewable resources during production thus its slogan “Saving the planet in style”. Due to this focus it even has a  business branch under it named The Minimalist BW Cleaning Services which started operating in December 2020 as a way of helping clean the environment.


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Portia Gorata Mano is a self-taught craft manufacturer & designer. She has a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management). She graduated top 10 of her class with a CGPA of 4.1 in 2019.In 2018 her exceptional performance in academics got her the privilege of practicing her 6 months of attachment at Unitrans which is one of the biggest Logistics companies in Botswana. After completing her studies in 2019 she did her Internship at the Ministry of Local Government for 10 months before resigning to focus on her manufacturing company. Prior to discovering her craft designing gift, she had spent the whole of January 2019 volunteering at Senthaga B&B on weekends while working full time as an intern at the Ministry on weekdays. It was during the volunteering period that she got inspired by the lifestyle of the B&B’s owner to be handy. Portia is a strong believer in hard work and striving for high results in everything she sets her mind to. This is evident in her continual improvement in her craft and designs. She always allows herself to see the need for improvement in order to attain exceptional results. She is driven by Andy Grove’s quote “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive”.


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Future Plans

In the quest to “save the planet” The Minimalist BW has great endeavours of launching a litter picking campaign in its area Mogoditshane Block 7 soon as a way of not only cleaning the environment but also performing its corporate social responsibility.


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The Minimalist BW solemnly believes in continual improvement & progress therefore the company is yet to release more new basket designs inspired by customer feedback & demand. Moreover, the company has plans of greatly supplying other different types of crafts other than baskets only in the near future.


Products: Coming Soon


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