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If you are a career oriented person and you need more time with your work, then a home office is ideal for you. Now we all have an idea how pretty difficult it can be to work at home, with all the distractions there to tempt you. It takes so much willpower to say no to distraction, which is why it is of great importance to make your office a place of focus and determination.

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Peace an Quite

We can agree that one gets more productive in a peaceful and quite environment. Select a quite isolated place in your home that is far away from social areas in the home like the tv room or the kitchen area. When you are in a peaceful and quiet place you focus easily and chances of your attention being diverted from your work become slim.

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A depiction of a serene peaceful office


A door is helpful

Ensure that your work spot has a door and walls so as to reduce the distractions coming from the outside.

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Recommended office doors to keep you away from external destruction


Good air circulation

A good atmosphere is mandatory as it affects your work focus. You need good air circulation. Fresh air is good for the brain and leads to productivity which is why ventilation is very essential even in your home office. A good air conditioner for your office is a good investment. Also open windows on days when you don’t need to have the air conditioner switched on to allow a fresh breeze into the room.

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open windows allow for proper air circulation


Get comfortable

You may need to invest in a comfortable chair. What good does it do to have a good looking office and have an uncomfortable chair? A good chair is actually the core of the whole office because you spend most of the time seated on it.

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Recommended comfortable office chair


Good lighting

If you enjoy working your way through the night you will then have to consider getting good lighting. You definitely don’t want to strain your eyes with dim lights. So opt for lights that are bright enough according to your desires. LED lights could be useful, you don’t need to go for anything expensive.


Have a brainstorming board

You off course need to plan your work in an orderly fashion. For you to be productive it is needful that you plan and constantly brainstorm for you to have your creative juices flowing.

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brainstorming board to keep you on track



Spice up your office with a bit of décor. This is said to also bring out more productivity and work creativity. Scientists state that warm décor spruces 80% productivity. So why not throw in warm inviting colors like orange, red and yellow. They bring out a burst of energy.

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Feng Shui office decor


Work computer

If you are easily distracted, buying a separate computer you can use specifically for work can lead to productivity. This is because all documents found within will only be work based therefore no distraction from other files that are not work related like Netflix.

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keep a separate work computer


Be disciplined

Working at home may give you the liberty to work for shorter unmonitored hours. However, that should not be the case, maintain the set work hours and be productive in those hours.


Maintain cleanliness

“cleanliness may be defined to be the emblem of purity of mind “Anon

Taking time to clean up your office space opens up your mind as well. Ensure that every equipment you need for working is perfectly in place. This also keeps you enthusiastic about work. A clean office saves up your time as you don’t have to spend time looking for things you need. Keeping your office clutter free makes you think innovative thoughts.


Green plants

You know what they say about nature being an inspiration, try having a few green plants in your office space to keep you inspired. Also be sure to pick plants that are very easy to maintain and also improve air quality. You could select plants such as the spider plant.

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Separate office telephone line

You may want to consider using a separate office line to handle all your business helps to separate business calls from personal calls. This is because personal calls could pose as a distraction and divert focus.


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Have a chill spot

Have a sofa so as to chill when taking a short break. There is no harm in doing that as long as you don’t relax far too long than planned. You can use this spot also for reading a useful book that adds to an idea about work


Personalize your space

You could put family pictures on display to personalize your space. This can serve as an inspiration for one to keep working harder and smarter. Another alternative would be to perhaps hang motivational quotes or anything that gives you a good feeling about yourself. How about also displaying your childhood trophies or prize giving certificates.


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Out sight out of mind!

It is essential that you keep anything that is not motivating out of your sight. Remember that your office should be your happy place so desist from keeping things that could tamper with your mood.


Surfing the internet

Be extra cautious when doing work research on the internet. Quickly refuse the temptation of browsing anything that is not work related. It is however very crucial to have an internet provider with fast access. You know how discouraging it can be having internet that runs at a snail’s pace. Slow internet can make you less productive and is very frustrating as well.


Power backup

It is also advisable to have a good power backup plan in case of any power cuts. This is to reduce chances of work coming to a halt in case there are any power cuts. If you have a power back up plan you cannot be disturbed by power cuts. Consider investing I a good quality uninterruptible power supply (UPS)


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