Spicing up your home with Vintage Decor

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Let’s take it back to the late 80’s where people took self-expression through décor seriously. All the way from wall color to furniture.one would wonder why we are even comprehending vintage décor in the modern era. Well I see class and poise if and when antique furniture or ornaments are properly collaborated with modern day décor.

Vintage is simply amazing solely for the main reason that it depicts a sense of class without you even trying so hard. Its unique vibe sends out a calm ambience to any room. Why play it ordinary when you can be extra? Play around with vintage and you are guaranteed never to look back.


Baby steps

Sometimes drastic change can be overwhelming, so it helps to take things slow at first. Perhaps start with a minimal approach. You could start off by using an antique ornament like a flower vase or mirror to add a vintage detail. Take a look at this vase, it screams elegance and class!

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Vintage vase dating to the early 1980’s

You may also decide to sway a bit from the ordinary by using an old watering can as a flower pot instead of the usual flower pot. It shows thoughtfulness and creativity.

Flower pot - Dilwana online shopping store

Watering can turned into a flower pot


Be Artsy

We can agree that vintage has a supreme level of art. if you are looking to release your artistic nature, then you can never go wrong with a vintage touch.it allows you to bring together all crazy ideas and make them work. Take a look at this, instead of a normal display shelve, one can use a step ladder.

Step ladder - Dilwana online shopping store

A step ladder made into a display shelve



Trends are definitely recursive. Who would have thought that florals would begin to trend in the 21st century just like in the late 80’s. News flash, florals are back at it and you can use them to spice up any room of your choice.to keep it minimal you may opt for a floral scatter cushion as shown below

Floral scatter cushion - Dilwana online shopping store

Floral scatter cushion


Get yourself a canopy bed!

Canopy beds were commonly used in the 16’s century by royalty. Their unique and classy outlook is amazing. Incorporate this in your bedroom and you are certain of a “wow” look.

canopy bed dating early 70's - Dilwana - Botswana online shop

Canopy bed dating to the early 70’s


Wall decorations

Wall décor will definitely spice up and refresh your room. What is exciting about wall décor is that it gives you liberty to change the look from time to time depending on your mood.

You can also similarly use a vintage wall clock to add a timely look to your space. Just beautiful!

 Vintage wall clock - Dilwana - Botswana online shop

 Vintage wall clock



If you want to give your room that chic look, then opt for a vintage rug. You can never go wrong with that. You can definitely use a detailed rug to give a dull room life.

colorful rug - Dilwana online shopping store

Colorful rug

Be sure to choose the right size for the desired rug.it is recommended that for a sitting room one should select a rug that can best accommodate the two front legs of the chairs.it is also advisable to select a rug looking at the colors that are already in the room furniture or walls


Vintage jars

Now who says vintage is only meant for particular places? Erase that thought. Vintage can also work its magic on wedding celebrations. Instead of the normal glasses one may use jars to package their beverage. A trend that we see taking over in our generation.

 jars - Dilwana online shopping store

Jars used for drinking beverages


Center pieces

Allow your guests to reminisce about the good old days with a vintage Centre piece. Take a look at this bird cage turned into a beautiful center piece.

 Bird cage - Dilwana online shopping store

Bird cage used as a center piece

Always remember to choose a center piece that is not too large to obstruct visibility of what is happening on the other end of the table.


Ottoman coffee table

Instead of an ordinary modernized coffee table one can opt to add a little touch to their world by using a vintage ottoman coffee table. Ottomans give a house a homely feel.

 Vintage ottoman cofee table - Dilwana online shopping store

Vintage ottoman coffee table


Vintage kitchen

If you are a real vintage fanatic, I am certain you will be thrilled to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with going all the way out with your vintage style in the kitchen. The checker board or floral floor gives the kitchen that unique feature.one can also incorporate the pull out chopping board.it is quite classy and uncommon.


Outdoor Garden bench

Looking to make your garden stand out from the rest, well why not try use a vintage bench on it.

Vintage garden bench - Dilwana online shopping store

Vintage garden bench


With this kind of antique chair in your garden you are definitely set, add a few colorful cushions and you have yourself a masterpiece.


Outdoor lights

What is a home without lights? If you choose the right outdoor light you are certain it will leave your house looking like royalty.

 Vintage lights - Botswana online shop

Vintage lights


Narrow dining table

How about introducing the narrow vintage dining table to your home.it is very useful in the sense that it can accommodate more people. The more the merrier.it also exudes class, elegance and togetherness.

Old school table - Dilwana online shopping store

Old school table


Vintage mirror

Add a little bit of an adventurous look to your bathroom with a beautiful vintage mirror. Might as well let out a “mirror, mirror on the wall” chant whilst bathing. Look at this amazing bathroom set up.

Vintage bathroom mirror - Dilwana online shopping store

Vintage mirror in the bathroom


Study room ideas

If you are both a book and vintage lover, why not bring your fantasies to life with a well styled vintage study room. There is something breathtaking about study rooms that existed in the late 80’s. I would personally go all out on this one. Check out this amazing set up.


To save up space you can always incorporate the antique shoe bench which is coupled with one or two shelves to keep your shoes and you can still use it as a bench.

Shoe rack bench - Dilwana Botswana online shop

Shoe rack bench


Vintage is the new black! Slowly but surely old trends are finding their way back. Whether you choose to go all the way vintage or choose to have a more minimal approach just be sure to do it right. Incorporate the right furniture together. Do not over crowd your room with antiques to give your room a clean, elegant simple yet sophisticated look.


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