Decorating a kid’s room

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Kiddies bedrooms can be the most fun when it comes to decorating them. Children are free spirited and decorating their rooms can actually come as a distresses as you do not have to be all too serious about it. However, the room must look adventurous, yet orderly. You obviously don’t want a messy room with no theme. Children spend most of their precious time in the bedroom studying sleeping or even playing. It’s crucial that their space portrays a vivid picture of what they like or fancy.


Boys room

In designing your child’s room, it is important to consider their favorite color. Most boy children love the color blue so find ways to incorporate blue in their decor. You could choose a blue rug so that the favorite color takes dominance. You do not want to make the room seem too dull and boring with just one color, which is why you are also supposed to select a brighter color to give the room some life. Yellow and blue are a perfect combination, so how about adding a dash of yellow. You can do this by adding yellow cushions perhaps or pillow covers. Combining neutral or dim colors with bright colors actually works and bears stylish results.

It is not quite mandatory to use blue all times when dealing with decorating a boy’s room. You may also dim colors like grey and then spice them up with bright colors as red. For inspiration you may also use artwork that has his favorite idol or role model on his bedroom wall. A bedroom is personal so how it is decorated should be directly in line with an individual’s personality. A bubbly boy needs a room that spits use bright color combinations such as red, yellow and orange.

Children are fast growing and their interests change as they grow, which is why it is good not to invest in things that cannot be changed or a difficult to change. When it comes to décor opt for easily changeable furniture or ornamentals. You could invest in things like bed lamps, hanging wallpaper as you can easily replace them.

When decorating your child’s room also take into consideration that the décor you opt for does not mess up with the lighting especially if he also uses his room for studying as well. Also keep in mind that younger children can be quite messy so opt for décor, that is rugs, bedding that is easy to maintain and clean.


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Girls room

You can have so much fun decorating a girl’s room. As long as it looks cute and girly.  I personally still adore a pink girly room. Pink comes of in different shades, it is however crucial to choose the right color palette that will show off your girl’s personality is compulsory to also choose the right furniture and layout. Baby girl will definitely love some cute accessories in her room as well. You may also need to pick a theme .it is not advisable to select a childish theme as they grow up too fast and their interests may change rather too quickly as well.

If your daughter is able to communicate it would be wiser to ask her of her desired outlook on the this discussion be certain to put into careful consideration her favorite color. Just like in the boys room you should also invest in the things that can be easily changed. You may hang frames of her favorite idol or cartoons instead of painting a permanent mural. You may incorporate colors such as pink, white and gold if she is more of a pink is still also crucial to take into consideration the personality of the individual. If she is more adventurous and into nature how about incorporating colors like green and yellow into the color scheme. When it comes to the furniture be sure to have a bigger closet so as to accommodate more clothes as she gets older and her clothing increases

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We know how extra children rooms can be with all the toys, clothes they have out grown, books and is therefore important to have proper storage for actually keeps the room clean and orderly. The storage area should be easily accessible for the kids so they can learn how to clean up after themselves and place unneeded items where they belong. Storage may be in the form of drawers, baskets or trays. Whatever it is, children should be able to identify the storage area.


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Study area

Education is essential for every child so its crucial that parents begin the culture of reading a tender it is advisable that when designing your child’s room, you include a study does not have to be anything complicated just a comfortable chair and table would be fine.

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The first thing to ensure is that everything that you need for the baby is within possible reach of the changing table. Things like wet wipes, diapers, poop bucket, burp cloths, a pacifier and changeable table covers. Consider having a wallpaper that can be washed, this is to ensure that incase of any pee incidents it is easy to wash the wallpaper. We know how nap time is crucial for a baby’s growth so when it comes to the curtains in the nursery its recommended that you use black shades or dark curtains to mimic the night for the baby to sleep during the day.

Yes, even a nursery needs decoration. You may want to include décor like wall frames. Consider using a fitted sheet instead of heavy blankets. It is essential to design a nursery that can grow with the baby, this could be done by using neutral colors like grey. It allows you to play around with the different colors. Be sure to also decorate the ceiling. You may also try to customize the baby’s nursery by engraving their name on the nursery wall.

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