The world’s most beautiful clinics

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Las Vegas Interior design of Neurology clinic

Super modern and incomparable neurology clinic, Lou Ruvo Center in Las Vegas built by one of the best architectures of the world, Frarnk Owen Goldberg, this building has many curves and waves on outward appearance.

Lou Ruvo Center in Las Vegas is a distinguished model of postmodern clinic in the world. This clinic is specialized center for research and cure nervous acute disease, which designed by Frank Owen Gold berg.

Exclusive steel outward appearance make tint from similar buildings. This four story building has different medical offices, waiting rooms, and investigation space. This 100 million Dollar clinic consists two parts, which connected to each other with an enclosure.

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Interior design of children dentistry clinic

The Dentestet 4 Kids Sibiu clinic is one of the most beautiful children dentistry clinics, designed and built by Romanian architecture Hamid Nicola Katrib in Romania.

Exclusive attribution of this clinic is because of pastel colors, and also architecture’s courage in using of different colors.

Architecture’s aim is to distract child’s senses from scary dentistry area; for achieving his goal he has taken advantages of nature’s elements, zoo and many other interesting attractions for children, in short he has created a wonder land for kids. 

It is Interesting that he has given more attention to details; he designed the examination room with floor puzzle, pencil shape pillar and a monitor showing carton in front of each examination chair. The purpose of taking this type of design is to motivate creative power of children in order to forget why they have come to this place.

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Shirley Ryan, interior design of Rehabilitation center

In Chicago, the very first place for children and adult, with very complicated condition such as cancerous, disability malformation, cerebral disease etc. is Shirley Ryan center.

Employer’s perspective in this project is to do some changes to this Rehabilitation center in order to increase the man’s ability to take best advantages of discoveries of specialists, the design of this building is based on this point of view from inside and outside of the building.

Patient’s experience is also very important; so many points must be considered from the moment that they enter the center till reach patient’s hall. And all these points somehow combined with designing. Big entrance doors, corridors, solid angles, passages, corners, line of sight all are important to have better view and better motion and welfare to visitors. Graphic circumferential create stimulate and path guide helps to smooth patient experience. In this space, usage of sun light and reachable gardens leads to maximum benefit to make some changes in patient mood. Design of landscape, green belt and access to flower bed also are useful for better sprit. Excellent view of east and west corridors gives leisure opportunity to visitors and patients to have better feeling and take them away from treatment area for a while. In this project tried to show the best view of Chicago city and Michigan lake scenery. 

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TERMALIJA, interior design of Hydrotherapy center

TERMALIJA is one of the biggest medical centers for families and it is one of the latest projects of Enota architecture group in last 15 years. This Rehabilitation center was a part of classic area as a SPA which in 1980 had been used as little warm bath. This architectural evolution leads to creation of gradual remedial identity which is proper answer to the need of the habitant of Podcetrtek one of the Slovenia cities.

Developing these kinds of centers is becoming the reason why other small projects lose their existence in architectural designing.

In designing and reconstruction of TERMALIJA hydrotherapy rehabilitation center different attitude is considered. The whole complex as one independent part and each building as a separate unit tried to help improvement of the city. The frame structure of the center has very good sight overlapping with city residential buildings and mixed itself with the nature and at the same time shows itself as a modern and advanced complex.

The new equipment’s of center is situated in an old winter uncovered area. It was decided to allocate an uncovered area for summer activities of the center but due to place limitation and cold regional climate this part of project cancelled, the cancellation reason was due to several complaints received from visitors about thermal equipment of uncovered area. The whole old complex had been built because of investor’s interest. Complete project has been designed by architecture team.    

Necessary volume space, especially in swimming pool and water level area needed to be built in bigger place and could not built on the ground. In order to have overlapping between native nature of an area  and project and referring the building to city side view was the main reason for construction of center bellow hill level on the side of the city. Good Roof structure enables the designer’s team to solve another important subject. Complicated geometry increased statistic roof power in such a way that supports the whole swimming pool area and SPA salon without pillar.

With this system, the new roof floats with conceptual element on the above of all parts of hydrotherapy center and also has logical harmony with the city buildings and surrounding area. Due to lack of open space for warm season it was necessary to find a solution to get benefit of winter covered space and make changes in order to use the space in summer season. In order to circulate air in summer the use of flexible windows is a simple and limited way to have better light and air circulation in summer season.

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Waterform, interior design of a pharmacy in Taiwan

Taiwan's Waterform pharmacy design eliminates clinical pharmacy stereotypes with air-inspired interior decoration.

Materials used in the interior decoration of this pharmacy include: green space, glass shelves and details of copper designed to combat the clinical reputation of pharmacies.

The 120-square-meter space in Taichung Taiwan features a central lab table designed to eliminate the traditional counter and encourage interaction between customers and pharmacists. The table is made of 100-year-old wood and on top of it there is a glass which has growing moss and the plant inside; obviously the waiting chairs are from the same trees.

The base color of this space is a combination of warm and neutral colors.

It is interesting that on the colorful shelves you can find old medicines, reflecting the designer's attempt to make the pharmacy more traditional and the hard wall coverings behind the shelves more traditional.

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Interior design of beauty Clinic

Darch beauty clinic of Dr. Vassilion Papageorgiou.

An old building of 1912, in Rodsen Island in Cyprus rebuilt and became fresh and converted to plastic surgery clinic, but interesting thing is that architecture’s classical design was unchanged and only renewed with new equipment.

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plastic surgery clinic - Botswana online shop


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