Glitz and Gold

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The color gold has always been associated with royalty and signifies success and is also associated with sophistication, luxury, quality and off course elegance. The color gold is warm, welcoming and accommodating so adding gold here and there in your home décor is not a bad idea at all. In fact, you are on the right track. Gold actually expresses the energy of the sun and wealth.


Gold in the living room

It would be such a great idea to include gold in your living room. Gold is such a welcoming color, so blending it well with other colors in the room will make you living room so heavenly. You may opt to use it on the living room walls, this is because it makes the room look or seem bigger. Gold also catches light so well so if you used it in a room with bad lighting the lighting may improve tremendously. You don’t necessarily have to put too much gold décor, just a dash of it makes a difference. You may hang a mirror with a gold frame. Gold scatter cushions also work the magic; they bring life in a dull room. Ornaments such as a gold picture frame or statuette are also things to play around with. Gold works best or has a greater effect when used in small doses, for some décor setups. Less is more. For some setups going a little overboard with the gold actually brings amazing results. For instance, you may have gold sofas or a good center table. It’s also advisable to mix gold with the right metallic such silver or bronze, though it should not a décor tip that you should be fond of.

Gold actually works best when blended with dark colors like black and dark green. If you have a black couch you may use gold scatter cushions on it.

Gold Home Decoration - Dilwana - Botswana online shop
A living room with a gold couch and gold picture frames with black chairs that have a dash of gold. A classic look to go by.


Golden bedroom

If you want your bedroom looking like royalty, why not incorporate gold then? You can invest in getting gold side lamps. Mind you gold also plays a vital role when it comes to lighting. Side lamps are quite affordable and easy to find in a gold shade. The gold shade gets a good tone for the décor in the entire room.

You could alternatively also get a plain colored dressing table with gold is advisable to distribute your gold décor ornamentals and place them rightfully so it gives maximum beauty.

gold bedroom decor - Dilwana - Botswana online shop
white bedding with a gold touch to it. Notice how the little bit of gold captures good lighting


Replace your old kitchen cabinet hardware with gold ones. This on its own transforms the kitchen tremendously. you could also get gold trays, pots and spoons added in to your cutlery collection. There are so many ways you can play around with the color gold in your kitchen. How about getting golden chairs for the table on your kitchen island.


gold kitchen decor and chair - Dilwana - Botswana online shop
Spice up your kitchen island with gold chairs to give it a classy look


Yes, plumber

Gold is such a daring color so it basically has absolutely no daring too, use gold to also upgrade your plumbing. You may also revert to using a gold spray paint on your rusty metals. The trick is to select a spray paint that actually works best on metal. Spray it on surfaces like the metal under the bathroom sink.

gold bathroom - Dilwana - Botswana online shop
Taps with a gold touch



Who said chandeliers are only for dining rooms only, well let’s break the rules. Get a beautiful gold infused chandelier and hang it on a random room you so desire. Choose a chandelier that contains more glass

chandelier - Dilwana - Botswana online shop
Beautiful chandelier with a touch of gold


Gold fabrics

You can also add gold detail to your décor or room through fabric. How about using the simple, less complicated fabric which is the elegant gold curtain can add a bit of spine to your room. You may get a beautiful rug that has accents of gold colors. Your home deserves a gold touch of gold.

gold curtains - Dilwana - Botswana online shop
Gold curtains look so classy


Table décor

You may resort to using a gold center piece or use gold place settings on your dinner table. How about getting a nice tray and placing gold decorative balls on it? It such a refreshing sight.

gold stuffs for home and kitchen - Dilwana - Botswana online shop


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