Taking care of leather

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As pricey as leather comes it also needs a lot of high maintenance and taking good care of.it is indeed possible to get a bit of tear on the leather gets much better and eye catching with time. Leather changes with time and it is compulsory that it is given maximum care.

Leather gives you a nostalgic feel as our ancestors also used it to design things like clothes, bags and shoes. Today we see leather used in making other things like leather couches. Leather has always been appealing to the human eye. Products made out of leather lasts for a very long time this is because leather is durable. Leather does not only seem tough it is actually really tough. Despite its toughness leather can also dry and crack because it is basically skin. This is what most people tend to always forget. If given proper care products made from real leather can last generation to generation.


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As mentioned, leather differs in look so how you want it to ultimately look at the end is what will determine how you will take care of your leather. You cannot give the same treatment to a leather couch that is regularly used to leather that is used in the industrial sector.it is quite easy to maintain your leather furnisher but different methods are needed for different types of leather upholstery. So this first step is to check and know the type of leather upholstery you have. This is how to check and determine your leather upholstery

Firstly, check the label or anything written on the product you bought. The following are the types of leather:


Aniline leather

It is known also as pure aniline, full aniline or unfinished leather.it is unprotected because it has very little protecting coating or none at all.it is often times dyed with aniline dye, however this does not have surface pigmentation added to it.it has a dirt resistant treatment coat. If you look carefully you may identify natural surface grains and markings. This type of leather is usually prone to staining than that of protected leather. There is also a pull up leather type that still falls under aniline leather. The pull up leather is injected with oils and waxes. The nubuck leather is distressed or buffed in order to create a velvety and soft feel of an outcome.


Protected leather

Furniture is usually in most instances made out of protected leather. Protected leather means it is finished. Usually the labeling is written semi aniline, aniline plus pigment. This is because the dye used has got pigmentation. Finished leather is much more durable.it is basically resistant to stains.it looks uniform in color and feels the same. This type of leather is dyed with aniline that has a dash of pigment.it is also as soft as unprotected leather, however despite its durability is longer because of it protective coating. There are other forms of protected leather that is pigmented with thicker layers of polymer. Due to this protection the type of leather is strong enough to withstand any wear and tear.

Great! Now let’s jump onto taking care of your leather upholstery. The first caution is to use products that have been endorsed by the manufacturer or tanneries.do not get into the habit of making your own home made cleaning chemicals as it may just mess the leather up. Which is why it’s crucial to keep to legit recommended chemicals.

You will definitely need a vacuum cleaner which is connected to a brush, distilled water. A mild neutral PH non detergent liquid soap is also needed. Try soaps like Neutrogena or dove or you can alternatively opt for a leather cleaner. You will also need soft white micro fiber cloth. You will also need a tarp or drop cloth and a commercial leather conditioner.


Guide to cleaning unprotected leather

Using your vacuum cleaner and the soft brush attached to thoroughly clean the leather or use a clean dry cloth regularly. You may also opt to clean it with a cloth that is slightly dump with a bit of distilled water or you may go the extra mile by cleaning it with a leather cleaner. This type of leather is susceptible to wear and tear.


Guide to achieving a clean semi aniline look

Well this type of leather is tougher and can easily withstand extensive cleaning unlike the unprotected leather.it is however advisable to not use cleaning products that actually contain ammonia or buy any alkali this is because these products may ruin leather extremely to a point where it cannot be repaired. Products such as saddle soap, detergents, oils, furniture polishes and other cleaning detergents that contain caustic ingredients should be avoided by all means.

There are however cleaning detergents that are highly recommended. Try using lexol, Mohawk, leather master and magic.


Steps to cleaning leather

  1. Firstly, start off by testing the detergent on a spot that cannot be seen. Ensure that you also use a drop cloth to absorb any water drops.
  2. To remove the dirt, use a vacuum cleaner also be sure to use the brush attached to it
  3. Third step is to add 2 to 3 drops of non-detergent soap (see above for suggested listings) to some distilled water. Use this very solution to moisten a micro fiber clothe.
  4. Before using the solution on the whole leather surface test it on a small unseen surface to see if there is any discoloration from the solution.
  5. Wipe the furniture from top to bottom in that particular sequence.
  6. Use another dampened clothe to wipe again
  7. Then eventually dry with a clean towel

Ensure that you try by all means possible not to stain your leather. If by any chance you get stains on the surface remove them as soon as possible so it does not become a difficult mission removing them. For spills you may use a clean dry white cloth to blot the substance quickly.


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