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The garden is often times an escape for most people due to the fresh breeze of nature being trees and plants. Which is why maintaining it is crucial in order to keep deriving a good experience from it.

You might want to know which flowers and furniture (Garden accessories) to incorporate in order to create your own Eden.



Plants are compulsory in creating a breathtaking garden. To achieve that look one may not have to necessarily plant flowers is allowed to also plant herbs and vegetables that have beautiful flowers like spring onion, rosemary, sweet peppers, kale, leeks and strawberries. Mixing flowers with vegetable plants is the new “it” is quite advantageous as these plants often excrete a delicious aroma which then attracts pollinators and repels pests in your garden.

You may use vegetable plants like red fire, this is a type of lettuce that has loose red leaves that will definitely add color to the garden.

Tomatoes also try incorporating tomatoes into the mix. Their red color also is certain to give out a spark of color.

Flowers such as pot marigold are sure to make your garden lively giving out a pop of orange into the atmosphere. If you are into inter planting you might want to consider adding the pot marigold into the mix.



If you love the color purple, then you will also love the lavender flower. However contrary to popular belief the lavender does not only bloom as purple. Some come in shades of pale pink, white and even a shade of yellow. It is quite a love-able flower because of its sweet fragrance and breathtaking is very easy to grow and maintain the lasts longer in the right condition of atmosphere and right climatic condition. The right climatic condition being full sunshine and well-drained soil. If the soil is not favorable you may consider planting them on beautiful flower pots with well-drained soil.

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If you want to cultivate a beautiful atmosphere in your garden, you need to say no to weds, literally! Invest in good quality insecticides and pesticides to also kill all pests and insect in the garden. Ensure also that you remove weeds before they go to seed and multiply. You definitely do not desire to have weeds competing for space, water and nutrients with your flowers.


How about creating a theme?

You may also select a certain area in your garden then come up with a theme for that particular area. For instance, putting together flowers of a particular color range on one flower basin. This depicts creativity and can be a good color pop.

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Themed flowers together in one display



Spice up your garden also with decorative ornaments such a hanging planter set and more beautiful ornaments you may think of. Garden art may include anything creative and lovely that you may see desirable to use. Other options may be to add a backdrop on your walls. This gives a refreshing look. You pretty much can use anything from picture frames to nice drawing.


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Flower pots

The beauty of a garden is all about the right color combinations and using colors that pop and make your garden achieve this look you may use colorful flowerpots or perhaps a flower pot that looks unique and adds a statement. You might also want to put into consideration the size of your flowerpots and how you correctly place them in your garden space.

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Colorful flower pots on display


Garden furniture

You may create your own island in the garden. This can be done by bringing in furniture like table and chairs and making that particular area your focal point. you need to ensure that the type of furniture you bring out to the garden can withstand rain, sun and the wind. Rusted furniture is obviously not going to glorify your garden space so by all means keep it away.


Less is more

The saying that less is more also applies in the garden. You do not want clutter and you should avoid by all means the mistake of overcrowding your plants. you may still use the traditional method of planting flowers next to a wall or fence so they grow and hang on the walls. The results or end look is amazing and eye catching.


What is a garden without Lawn?

The lawn has to be the most important detail in your garden. which is why more emphasis has to be put on how it looks. Just as it is important to take care of flowers and other plants found in the garden, it is also compulsory to take as much care of the lawn as possible. Now before planting lawn know your type of soil and fix underlying issues and know also the right grass for your particular soil and region.


Invest in good lighting

Do not turn a blind eye to the lighting needed in the garden. Give it as much attention as you give to any other detail in the garden. Good lighting is needed to upgrade the ambiance in the garden. Be creative and intentional with your lighting. There is a huge range of lights to choose from being garden spike lights, outdoor lights, garden bollard lights, garden wall lights and deck lighting etc.

Well I would personally opt for the garden spike lights because you can place them anywhere in your garden and the spikes honestly look cool. You may also place them around your flower beds, lawn and even on your pathways.

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Spike lighting



When all is said and done you cannot have a beautiful garden without a carefully planned and calculated landscape. How about investing in a good architect to help you create your dream garden. Check out professionals for that.



How about including nature in your garden? Perhaps have a beautiful bird/parrot cage or whichever animal you are quite fond of. Often sends a calming ambiance.


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Bird cage


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