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Decorating the floor or having the right flooring in your house for every room respectively is equally important. There are different types of flooring methods one could select from, in order to achieve a beautiful look for their home.



Most people are actually accustomed to having carpets as their type of flooring. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having carpets as they have been used for centuries on end. Carpets are the easiest to resort to as they are very affordable and quite easy to install. Carpets can be used all year round but are mostly convenient for the winter season as they keep the feet warm. Carpets also reduce the chances of slip and falls in the house. There are different types of carpets in this century and most of them have been made in a way that they can resist stains and also take longer to fade.

Carpets add beauty and off course style to a room. Its variety gives you enough choice to select the right carpet that matches your taste and your preference. Carpets basically come in different colors. some have bold colors others have neutral shades.so you get to better select the color that works for your taste and interior décor specification or style. If you make walking sounds around the house, then you might also need to consider getting a carpet. Carpets are also scientifically proven to absorb sound in general, be it from a television, sound system or computer.


Persian carpets

You could opt for this type of carpet if you are into classical decor. Persian carpets are traditionally made in Iran and everything used I the manufacturing process is purely organic. Persian carpets are known to last for a life time and they actually come in different colors that you can select from.

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a house a Persian carpet


Another form of flooring that people resort to is hardwood. Hardwood also comes in different types or forms. Types of wood basically ranges from pine, oak, maple and cherry. All with extremely different features.it is also quite essential that one knows the type of hardwood they want to use in their home.one has to know their personal style for proficient selection of the right wood to use.it is also possible to create a hardwood floor that matches your lifestyle and taste.one can also select wood that is durable enough for their preference.

There are 2 kinds of hardwood installations that one can select from which are pre finished hardwood floor and unfinished hard wood floor. The pre finished hard wood floor is designed in a way that it basically comes ready for you to install in your home. The wood boards would have already been sanded already stained and stained even during manufacturing so that one just installs upon purchase.

Pre finished hard wood floors carry a solid advantage in that in most instances they have a better and more protected surface. The other advantage is that they also save a lot of time when it comes to installation and also saves finances as one does not have to get intense labor for installation.

Unfinished wood on the other hand also can pose as advantageous as you get to custom make your own flooring according to your own particular personal taste as is.

For all wood you have a choice of color and the type of finish that you so desire.it is recommended that when selecting color it is much wiser to choose one that either coordinates or even contrasts with your interior furniture. Noting also that darker wood tones or colors send off a more formal look whereas natural colors come off as a bit casual.


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Laminate flooring

You may also opt for laminate flooring. Laminate floors are much easier to clean they are quite affordable also when put into comparison with other floor coverings. Laminate floors are quite good for home owners that have children and pets. However, where you cover your floor with laminate covering also matters a lot.it is not advisable to cover your bathroom and laundry floor with laminate as it easily swells when in contact with too much water.


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Tile flooring

Most individuals in the 21st century prefer having tiles as their type of flooring. There is also a wide variety of tiles of which one can actually select from. We have ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and mosaic tiles. Each tile is unique and suitable for different rooms in the house. For instance, one can use ceramic or porcelain tiles for their kitchen and choose to use mosaic tiles for the living room. Tiles give you a wide choice to select from depending on your personal taste and or desire. Tiles have a way of lightening up the environment and feel of a room. They come across as clean and are honestly not high maintenance once one has installed them in their home.

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Area rugs

Area rugs are also a good way to cover floors. They can cover just about any floor type from wood to tile. Area rugs are often recommended to be placed on areas that have much activity going on. They kind of act as protection to the actual floor. This is to avoid wear and tear.it is much wiser, healthier and it is recommended that one keeps the surface under the rug also clean.

Woven rugs give healthier airflow thus reducing congestion so you may opt for them. They are specifically recommended for wooden flooring as unlike latex rugs they do not in any way stick to the floor which may affect it. Rugs with a woven backing do preserve the floor as they allow for air circulation.

Another tip when getting an area rug would be to get a rug that does not color bleed when it comes in contact with water. This will preserve the floor as no color will come off on to it when water drips on to the rug.


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The type of flooring you choose for your house is essential in the whole outlook of your interior decor!


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