Elegance displayed in the kitchen

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Creating an elegantly royal kitchen that looks like the one you see on cook off shows is not a farfetched possibility. You can create yours today!

Here’s how!

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Follow your natural aura

The most beautiful things are made out of originality. The most elegant decor always looks simple yet thoughtful.



In as much as you would want to keep it simple, a little detail may be needful to bring some spark into the room. Adding a bit of detail could be in pops of color if your kitchen is too dull. Add a bit of color here and there to make your kitchen lively.

Another option would be to change kitchen cabinets to ones with glass doors. This gives the cabinet a nice, clean and clear look if the contents are displayed orderly.

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Glass door cabinet


The wall

Changing the kitchen wall color not only gives the room exuberance but also gives it noticeable change. I strongly suggest one could repaint their wall looking at these colors red, yellow, green, grey, blue and white. These particular colors are said to give the room warmth and calmness. With these colors one can easily play around with the rest of the kitchen furniture and utensils.

One does not have to necessarily choose paint; you can always opt for wallpapers if paint is not your style. vinyl wallpapers are also a good alternative because they are water and oil proof meaning they are suitable for any temperature in the kitchen. Using a wallpaper will also help in brightening up the kitchen area or space.


vinyl wallpaper for kitchen-Dilwana-Botswana online shop
Vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets/shelves

You may decide to stick to the traditional enclosed cabinets. They are quite easy to deal with if you are the reserved type.

However, if you are more of an explorer you definitely wouldn’t mind showing off your amazing cutlery and kitchen utensils on open shelves. I believe with them being open it gives one reason to tidy up always an open shelve cabinet.



Selecting the perfect tile for your kitchen is quite a necessity. There are different tiles meant for different rooms. Also consider your family’s lifestyle and habits before choosing the tile. if you are not a clean freak then do not go for a tile that will require being cleaned regularly. Rather opt for a ceramic tile as it does not require much maintenance.

ceramic tiles for kitchen-Dilwana-Botswana free shipping
Ceramic kitchen


Alternatively, one may opt for hard wood instead of tiles. However hard wood comes off as quite pricey though it’s worth it as it has a long durability period and also has a classy finish

Hard wood floor kitchen-Dilwana-Botswana furniture shop
Hard wood floor


You can make a statement with good lighting in your kitchen. Perhaps add another light or change your current light completely. you may add a statement ceiling light over your kitchen table to create some sort of mood that speaks “light” and livelihood.



Having a backsplash shows elegance, neatness and class. What one puts on their back splash is an absolute personal choice. There Is an option of using adhesive vinyl in decorative patterns. You can always peel off a vinyl covered backsplash in the cases that you wish to redecorate.

How about using a tile? Still perfect.it has been quite the norm over the years that tiles are used to decorate backsplashes. Choose the right size and color and you are set for a beauty filled kitchen.

vinyl back island kitchen-Dilwana-Gaborone home and kitchen
Vinyl back splash


Kitchen island

What’s a kitchen without an island? Feels and looks empty. despair not! You can still have an island even after the kitchen has been designed.it doesn’t have to look sophisticated or be complicated in making. You may even use a simple table then create or add a few shelves in it then voila, you have your island. Add a few chairs if need be, however this is highly recommended to have an elegant finish.


kitchen island-Dilwana-Botswana online shop
Kitchen Island


The right kitchen utensils

The need for the right kitchen utensils can never be over emphasized. With the right kitchen utensils one can navigate easily and enjoy moments in the kitchen. essentials such as the below are a must have

  • Chopping board
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Chefs knives
  • Can opener
  • Mixing bowls
  • A blender
  • Grater
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Baking sheet
  • Electric kettle
  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Glasses
  • Mugs
  • Serving spoons
  • Wine opener



If you are wondering what a stove has to do with the outlook of a kitchen. Well read on and be learned. The stove has an impact on the way our experiences turn out to be. A slow and dysfunctional stove makes the kitchen a bore whereas a fast, clean, dependable stove brings out the best experiences obviously.

Now whether one decides to use a gas or electric stove is a personal choice. It’s the experience that matters. Nowadays people use and prefer built in stores as they do not consume much kitchen space and look extra classy. A built in stove can be tailor made according to your desires that giving it an added advantage.



Rugs add a beautiful combination to the kitchen setup. They also bring warmth to the atmosphere. Some may be of the idea that a rug in the kitchen is a definite no no considering the high possibility of spills. However, if one selects the right rug the kitchen atmosphere will definitely be heightened.

You may place your rug in front of the sink or place one on your island. wherever you decide to place it make sure that the size is perfect. If put under a table, it should fit in the area of the table and leave a surplus of 3 feet surrounding the table in order to keep the dining chairs on the rug.

Go for something easier to clean up like a flat weave rug. You may opt for polypropylene because its fibers do not absorb spills. You would also use a non-slip rug pad to ensure that the rug does not slip.


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