Interior wall design

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Some people show their creativity through painting. The type of walls you have in your home may give out a lot of the person you are. Your wall painting should be in agreement with your furniture style or even the colors you choose to play around with in your décor. A new paint color will absolutely reset the entire tone and mood of a house. Try using solid colors depending on the room you want to paint and the purpose of that room.

You may opt to use a dim color on your wall in rooms that are meant for relaxation like the bedroom. The beauty of using solid color paints is that it gives you the liberty to repaint your walls anytime you feel like changing the room or renovate it. You may also decide not to paint the whole house with just one color. Choosing just one color can box your thinking and hinder your creativity. Do not play it safe by choosing just one neutral paint color for the whole house. Well most people do so, but please choose to be altogether different and let your creative juices flow. As simple as it sounds, choosing one perfect color for the whole house may prove way more difficult than if you had creatively selected a few nice relevant colors for each room.

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Plaster wall interior designs

Plaster wall finishes are slowly becoming the preferred finishing for house renovation over wall painting. Architects have also shown great eagerness in using plaster walls in their projects. Plaster walls gives off a rustic feel leaving the walls with a coarse texture. Plaster walls give a surface variation and comes across as unique yet classy. Due to its unique yet classy. Due to its unique nature plaster finishes look very may desire a plaster finish because of its earthy look meaning it still leaves room for connection between the outside or outdoor and the inside.

As compared to paint, plaster is more environmentally friendly as it does not emit any chemicals into the air. The quality of air in a plastered room is always it is safe to say plaster is eco-friendly as the only natural ingredients involved are gypsum and limestone

The durability of plaster is longer as it dries and does not peel off at any point unlike paint and wallpaper. You may use plasters for hard walls. Plastered wall absorb sound so they may be useful in places that require maximum silence like the library.

Did you know you could also mold the ceiling with plaster? It is quite artistic you may also add to it some LED lights for a nicer lighting effect.


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Plastered walls looking classy and clean



The beauty in wallpapers is that they come in different shapes, designs and sizes so you have a wide variety to select from. With their vast variety every room is catered for and you get a chance to choose which wallpaper you desire for every room respectively. The outlook of a room can be completely changed by a wallpaper. Mind you if you get tired of your wall paper it is possible to remove it and opt for another wallpaper. You can also use it for a fully papered room or choose to use it only for a particular section of the room.


Art shelving

Rather than the traditional manner of hanging art work you may consider designing a floating shelve on your wall that enables you to shelve your art work, be it picture frames. You can change, add or update your picture frames anytime you so desire.

Most people have resorted to now displaying their artwork on a single shelve than placing them all over the house. This saves up plenty of space but gives the walls life and is relatively cool. You can place floating shelves strategically on numerous places in the house



Mirrors also bring a good feel to the room so do not be afraid to hang those mirrors. Mirrors also come in different shapes, designs and sizes. Mirrors are a reflection of light and light means beauty off course. Mirrors are also said to make the room bigger and illuminate the room as they reflect both natural and artificial light. The secret lies in knowing how to use mirrors to your advantage by placing them rightly. Do not hang a mirror just for the sake of placement and because of availability of space. The placement of a mirror is often times determined by the outcome one wants to achieve .it is however usually placed at eyelevel. Mirrors can come in classic, edgy, traditional and modern style. Your pick will be driven by the look you want to achieve for your space.


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Mirror on the living room wall


Wood paneling

Wood paneling your walls can also be a terrific idea. You may select specific areas to wood does not have to be done on the whole is quite advisable that you don’t overdo it as it may cause the room to be a bit dark, but if done rightly it looks breathtaking. You make keep it light by using wood such as white oak or make it look sophisticated by using fancy wood such as mahogany.

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Wood paneled living room


Fabric walls

Fabric walls are also a new is an innovative way to decorate your wall. The first basic step is to choose the right material or fabric. You could do this by scouting fabric stores and asking for recommendations. Take to note the need to also wash thoroughly the fabric before hanging it. Color choice is also quite compulsory as you need to choose the appropriate color that goes with your other interior décor and sure to also measure and be certain of the height and width of your house walls before buying fabric.


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Fabric wall


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