Choosing the right sofa for your living room

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There is a lot that goes into selecting a suitable sofa for your living room. A sofa is one of the most crucial piece of furniture in your living room so careful selection must be executed to ensure that the perfect fit has been takes careful analysis pf the room layout, the entire design format, the type of décor that is used in the room and the owners personal style off course to pick the right sofa. All of these factor have to be in resonance with each other to create a harmonious balance.


Size matters

You need to also consider the size of your room in order to know the right size of your room in order to know the right sofa size to bring in. Examine your entire living room space to establish if you need to bring in a single, medium or large sofa. You also need to figure out if you desire to include other furniture such as a coffee table or an extra careful not to overcrowd your living room space. A congested room is not welcoming so be sure to leave room for proper air circulation.


Decide where to place the sofa

When examining your living room space and size it is critical to also have in mind the location you so desire to place your sofa at. Decide your most comfortable location in the living room is. if you are more into watching television then you may consider placing your sofa directly facing the television stand or unit. If you are more about entertaining guests, then you may also aim to create a welcoming lounge area that could be by the fire place.



There is obviously a wide range of sofa shapes one can select from. Ranging from rectangular shapes, to L shaped sofas. Your shape choice depends mainly on the orientation you have in mind. For instance, if you want to have coffee table you may want to create a semi-circle in the area of the coffee table. Or alternatively get an L shaped sofa facing your television.


Upholstery material

The type of upholstery material for your sofa is also vital in achieving your desired décor feel. Leather sofas work mostly for people who are much into class and elegance. Some individuals opt for fabric. Leather is quite easy to maintain so if you are to opt for fabric then be sure to pick fabric that does not easily absorb stains and one that is easy to maintain.



Even though the sofa is an important piece of furniture it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the center of is advisable to choose the right color that goes well with the rest of the house dé is also advisable that you pick a solid color and avoid patterns. You can always spice things up with throw or scatter cushions. When choosing the color for your sofa also consider your wall colors. using a neutral color can help you decorate around it. If you have already decorated the room and will only be adding a sofa, then it is essential to select a color that will merge or coordinate with the existing color palette.

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Get a sofa that matches your personal style and that of the entire living room space. You can always mix contemporary with vintage. By bringing in a vintage sofa in a modern set up.


Left or right arm

It is important to get a sofa with the correct arm side. You wouldn’t want a case where you desire to have a right armed sofa only to get home and discover that in your living room set up the arm rests on the left is a crucial point to consider when getting a new sofa.



You also need to consider the type of cushions you prefer for your sofa. whether you want a soft or medium density feel. This applies to foam may however alternatively choose to opt for a hollow fiber filled cushion. Which has both a soft and firm feel to it.

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Door size

Who would have thought that the size of your door matters when choosing a sofa? Well it does. The size of the door is considered as you need to know if it will allow your sofa to go through it. You definitely wouldn’t want a situation where you have to disassemble your sofa so it fits through the door, this might cause damage to the sofa.

How should my sofa feel?

We have different tastes so how one’s sofa will feel or should feel varies from different individuals. Some individuals may want to sit on a firm sofa, others would want a bouncy feel whereas others would want to choose a basic feel. Whatever your type of feel is you may decide that by sitting on different sofas at the store until you decide which one actually works for you.



It is vital that you select a sofa frame that is steady and is not squeaky. A squeaky sofa poses as irritating and uncomfortable to sit is advisable that you take time to sit on a desired sofa first before purchasing it just to confirm its steadiness.



Look for a sofa that fits you well. This will ensure your is important to also consider if it fits other family members well too, if you live with family. You should also take great consideration whether you want deep or shallow seats, this will of course be determined by your height as well.
It is also crucial to ensure that your sofa is protected and that the durability is much longer. For fabrics you may request to have your sofa sprayed.
Buying a new sofa needs careful is important to follow the above tips on getting the right sofa for your house.
Article by: Boitshepo Catherine Mack

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