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Choosing an ottoman is often times sidelined and not given enough emphasis which is why people end up buying just any available ottoman without considering whether it is the right fit for their existent décor. Ottomans can magically change the whole outlook of the room. They have several functions off course. The major function of an ottoman or what it was initially meant to do was to become a footrest or stool.

However, they now serve multiple purposes and are now considered to be a versatile piece of furniture in this era an ottoman can now play the role of a coffee table or can even be used for extra seating. The advantage of using an ottoman as a coffee table is that it prevents injuries that people may be prone to if they knock over a coffee table. The secret with ottomans is that they can be used in different rooms for different purposes.

You may use an ottoman for storage purposes. These ottomans usually have a hollow makeup in order to accommodate items being stored up. You may use them to store your clothes, books and blankets. Whatever you choose to store in them is completely a personal choice. You may also use it for seating purposes in the bathroom.

Know where you are going to use your ottoman before selecting one.


Ottoman as a coffee table

Since there are different shapes and sizes for ottomans. You may select one that suits your taste or one that goes well with the rest of the room décor or is advisable that one uses a round ottoman as it allows one to perform different activities around it without any hindrance. You may also opt for a square ottoman as a coffee table. This is because the edges compliment the sofa and give off a classical look. You may consider purchasing a rectangular ottoman which matches a sectional sofa.


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Ottoman sizes

Usually ottomans come in sizes that actually compliment or coordinate well with other pieces of furniture in the room. The height normally ranges from 33 cm to 51 cm.


Shape balancing

It is critical to balance the shape of your ottoman with the shape of the existing sofa. This is in order to reduce the oddness or incompatibility of furniture in a living is important to put into consideration the scales and proportions of your furniture. You need to balance and scale your furniture according to proportion and the visual size off course. For instance, try this by actually placing a sofa with an ottoman. If the end look is not appealing to the eyes, then it is definitely because they are out of balance.

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Room size

The size of the room matters as it determines things such as it is also advisable to consider your room size or space capacity when selecting an ottoman. For instance, you would not want to consider purchasing a large ottoman when you evidently have a smaller space capacity. This will definitely make moving around quite difficult for people in the room.


Height matters

Since some people still use ottomans as footrests the you may also need to consider the height of the ottoman. See if you are comfortable with the height when resting your feet on the ottoman.


Use an ottoman to add dimension to your room

You do not necessarily have to match your ottoman with your couch. you may however use an ottoman to create dimension in a room. If everything in the room looks the same, the décor may turn out to be monotonous. Mix it up a bit by including different shapes and sizes that complement each other despite their differences.


Ottoman for your bedroom

You can place an ottoman in the bedroom. You may select to make the ottoman in your bedroom a bedroom bench, which will serve as a chair for you to sit down on when getting ready.

Ottomans can also serve as a storage for why not turn it into a laundry storage? Choose a hollow one for this particular purpose.

For your bedroom, it is also not necessary for one to match the ottoman with other pieces of furniture. You can be creative and create an extremely visually attractive room with variation.

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Room enhancers

Ottomans can act as room enhances just as cushions can enhance a room. Ottomans can also be used as tuck away seats.


Children’s play time

Ottomans can also be used for children. This Is by placing it in the children’s play room for them to use and play on with their toys. You can use it also for playing games, board games specifically.


Focal show piece

Ottomans can be used as a focal show piece in the room. You may select an ottoman that has beautiful fabric or one that has a beautiful color pop to add visual presence in a room.


Offers relaxation

Many use ottomans as a comfortable relaxation sit in their is however important to choose an oversized ottoman in order to feel relaxed when seated on. You may also use ottomans to artistically place magazines on top to entertain guests.


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Ottomans for the outside area

There are certain ottomans that are made up with plastic. Now you may use these kinds of ottomans at the swimming pool area because it is affected by water as it is made of plastic. There are ottomans that look like benches that can be used as seating aids outside the house. These ottomans are usually made out of plastic or wood which can obviously withstand outdoor conditions.

It is critical to select an ottoman with the right fabric more especially if it is meant for the outside area. Choose material that does not wear down or even tear. Choose material that also does not get affected by outside should be able to contain and withstand heat, rain, the cold or snow. There are outdoor ottomans that have waterproof fabric and can withstand all types of temperatures.


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