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The new “it thing” is decorating your home with antiques. Many individuals decorate with antique because the antique décor actually carries come sort of nostalgia and it reminds them of a past memory. Now incorporating an antique material into your décor can breathe life into your home if done correctly. If overdone antique décor can make a modern home seem dull. Bring together a mix of décor from various eras and you are certain to cook up a mind blowing décor fix.

You can tastefully decorate your home with antiques and here is how.


Day bed

One may incorporate a day bed into their living room space. Add a few nice cushions to it and you are definitely set. Day beds are obviously super comfortable, unique and are the easiest way to make your living room a beautiful haven. Although day beds are from a different generation they still make a home look versatile and send off a relaxed feel.

Daybeds are not meant for the living room space, one can even place it in their bedroom so as to use it when relaxing during the day this helps you as you will not wrinkle your bed duvets and have to make up your bed again. If you are a new parent, you may also be fascinated by having a daybed in your baby’s nursey. That way you get to take a nap or rest in the same room as your baby thus getting to keep a watchful eye on them. You may also place your day bed on the porch or balcony where you can relax whilst chatting with your loved ones.

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Retro feature wall


Dried flowers

Really? Who could have thought that dried flowers would still be useful? Here is the trick. You can even use dried flowers to decorate your wall. It is an old trick that still works its magic. Even though the dry flowers are dead they still have an element of beauty they can definitely leave a beautiful effect. You may hang dried flowers on your kitchen ceiling or dining room ceiling to give your room a vintage look.one can also create a wreath out of these dry flowers and hang it on their wall for décor. All you need is to buy a proper base and let your creative side out.

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a wreath made out of dead flowers used as wall décor.


Wooden crates

Wooden crates can also form a classy yet beautiful wall display. You may fix white wooden crates on the wall and use them as shelves. This will help you store items like bed linen or whatever you choose to store in them. This is an old trend that could still be useful even in the modern day. Wooden crates can also come off handy as a coffee table.it actually gives off that traditional feel for your living room.

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wooden spice rack that was made out of wooden crates


Retro flooring

If you want to bring back a refreshing 1970s kitchen, then try using a checkered black and white floor.

You may also consider using a monochrome scheme for your kitchen floor. This also does not go out of scheme for your kitchen floor. This also does not go out of style. It is actually still relevant even in today’s era. You could also add a honeycomb of hexagons to add an extra oomph to the whole outlook.

There were so many ways to be creative in the 1950’s. More especially when it came to the floor.one of the most beautiful ways of tiling was using the vintage chessboard style. This way you select two colors of tiles and then outline these tiles in a chessboard format or pattern. Usually black and white tiles made an outstanding look.

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black and white check tile for the bathroom floor.

 You can also select a neutral looking color for your wall paint then put more color emphasis on your floor tile. How about matching the floor tiles with the wall tiles? This is an old trend that could still work wonders even in the 21st century.


Faux fur

Faux fur was a major trend in the 1970’s. The trend is now taking over in the 21st century. Anything with a touch of fur has become a necessity. Most people are in love with fur as it is quite notable for its warmth, its soft texture and the amazing coziness it actually provides. Faux fur is very welcoming so including it in your living room space is quite ideal. You could use fur covered throw pillows on your couch or can alternatively opt for a fur rug. Select just a few items. You did not have to go overboard with the fur. Less is more. A tip to take home is that if you are looking for a lighter more natural looking fur opt for a creamy white colour.it definitely look a lot more natural often times. If you desire to use the fur item all year round for all seasons, then it is advisable you go for the lighter toned fur. colors like grey and white tend to blend in with almost every season. Darker shades are most suitable for winter.

Since faux fur tends to be more welcoming, it is advisable to place it where people can easily touch it. Its appealing nature attracts people to want to walk into a room and have an actual feel of it.

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faux fur throw cushion on the sofa


Sun burst mirrors

Sun burst mirrors are so old, they even date back to the 1800’s. However, people still use them for their interior décor. They come in different shapes, colors, sizes and even in different designs. Sun burst mirrors can be used in most rooms for decoration. That is in the living room, bathroom, dining room and other befitting rooms in the house.

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golden sun burst mirror beautifully placed in the living room.

Give your home a retro touch with these amazing ideas!


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